I’m still on the road to recovery from this sinus crud, feeling even better today. However, the crud seems to have wrapped itself squarely around my throat, and as a result I’m losing my voice. Yesterday, my voice was somewhat deep and throaty, quite sultry, in my humble opinion. Today, it sounds less sultry and more like an adolescent boy going through puberty. I fully expect that by the end of the day, I’ll be barely squeaking out words.

So I’m doing my best to limit my talking. And you know what? That’s hard to do! I don’t realize how MUCH I talk throughout the day until I’m forced to not talk.

I know a few people who are extremely shy and who barely say a peep in public. Sometimes I envy them. They rarely have to deal with the embarrassment of having said the wrong thing! My sarcastic nature gets me into trouble sometimes. If only I could keep my trap closed a little while longer before I spoke, perhaps I wouldn’t step on quite so many toes.

Since I’m trying to limit my talking today, I’ll have to choose my words carefully. If only I would do that EVERY day!