Preparing for Easter

Growing up in the church of Christ, where we have the Lord’s Supper every Sunday and thus take time to reflect on His death and resurrection each week, Easter Sunday (in my experience, anyway) has by and large been a bit anti-climactic, at least compared to other denominations.

I don’t recall EVER celebrating or even acknowledging Palm Sunday, nor do I remember any special services just prior to Easter. I’d never even heard of Lent until meeting friends who were from other denominations that practice Lent. Good Friday was basically just a day out of school. Granted, my memory may be failing and I just don’t remember being part of a church that really celebrated Easter as the pinnacle of the Christian’s year.

I’d like to visit other churches, other denominations, to see how they approach this most sacred of weekends. Perhaps I’ll partake in Lent. I want Easter to be more than just an excuse to buy a new outfit for church. I think that because we do have the Lord’s Supper every week, sometimes the crucifixion and resurrection can become just stories that we’ve heard a zillion times instead of living, breathing, affecting-me-now moments.

As part of preparing my heart and my mind for Easter, this weekend I’m going to try an experiment. Every time that someone gets on my nerves, cuts me off in traffic, hogs the copy machine at work, asks annoying questions, acts rude, I’m going to whisper to myself, “Christ died for them.” And any time I find myself feeling haughty, holier-than-thou, acting rude or self-righteous, I’m going to remind myself, “Christ died for YOU, Lisa. Not because you’re Miss Perfect, but because you’re a messed-up sinner in need of saving!”

Hopefully this small practice will help me see Easter as the greatest day. How are you preparing your heart and mind for Easter? Any special ritual that you and/or your church or family do?


2 thoughts on “Preparing for Easter

  1. I wish you lived close by, you could go to sunrise service with me at the local abbey. It is a community event….. obviously the cofc around here is still not part of the community of “believers”.I have enjoyed celebrating and recogninzing the lent season this year. I will do it with greater intensity next year as well.


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