The Publix Experiment

Last night after church I made a run to Publix. Forty bucks and a nearly full grocery cart later, my fridge and pantry are now well stocked. I’ve realized that I’ve been making way too many trips to the grocery store lately; if I just ate what I already had I could probably last close to a month without roaming the aisles.

So I’m determined to not go to Publix, or any other grocery store, for at least the next two weeks. That is, unless I run out of something crucial, like milk or coffee. It’s really a shame that I have so much to eat at home and yet I continue to run to the grocery store every week. Thus, my Publix experiment. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes…


4 thoughts on “The Publix Experiment

  1. Happy Happy Birthday!!!!I hope you got some treats on your Publix trip!I did that last summer. I made myself eat all the things I had in my cabinets and freezer until I really needed to go to the grocery. I didn’t look forward to meals!


  2. Jennifer and I go to the grocery basically once per week. It is also helpful on the budget! Good luck with your experiment, and with eating that stuff you find from 1997!


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