The Power of the Written Word

I’m a “word” person. Not a lover of Microsoft products–by that, I mean that I am very moved by the power of words, especially written words.

I have a box at home that is filled with notes and cards that family and friends have written to me over the past dozen years or so. I have a similar folder on my computer that contains e-mails that have encouraged and inspired me. Tonight, for instance, I was re-reading some of the very sweet and encouraging e-mails that my boyfriend has sent me throughout the past year and a half. I know that he loves me, that he thinks highly of me and respects me, but it is still a great feeling to be able to read that and be reminded of that.

There is something powerful in being able to read words written especially for me and to know that the sender had me in mind when they wrote them. I try to keep that in mind when I read the Bible. It’s easy to view it as a bunch of stories set thousands of years ago, but it’s so much more. It’s God’s love letter to us, to me.

Of course I know that God loves me. But sometimes there’s a disconnect between my head and my heart. For my heart’s sake, I re-read the words that God has so lovingly scribed. I am so thankful that His Word was not only spoken, but written as well, and that I have access to that Word on a daily basis. When I think about other people around the world who have never even seen a Bible, let alone owned one, I am humbled by how often I turn down the opportunity to read mine.

O Lord, thank You for the power of Your Word. Keep me from taking it for granted again. Let me be like a tree planted next to a stream, soaking in Your wisdom and counsel in all seasons of life.

One thought on “The Power of the Written Word

  1. OK my first thought was, by your words you will be justified, by your words you will be condemmed. I think maybe I need to be careful what I write….But I am the same way, I love to go back and read notes and emails that tells me I am special in someone else’s eyes….I guess that is something we all need to get, and to give.


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