My Appetite

A wise person is hungry for truth, while the fool feeds on trash. (Proverbs 15:14)

I’d like to think that I hunger for the truth, but many times I’m content to feed on trash, especially when it comes to what I watch on TV or what I read on the internet. It’s tempting to sit down for a day-long television marathon or read all the celebrity gossip online and tell myself that it’s just mindless entertainment, no harm done.

But eventually, whatever your mind feeds on catches up with you. Just as I can’t feast on nothing but junk food and maintain a healthy body, likewise I can’t have a steady diet of “trash” and expect my mind to remain pure and unaffected.

Changing my food diet is not just about eliminating junk food from my pantry, but replacing it with healthier alternatives. Similarly, I need to replace the junk in my entertainment world with the truth. I don’t think this means I can only watch the religious TV channels; rather, it’s being more discerning about what I watch, read, and expose my mind to on a daily basis. I find my mind to be in need of constant re-alignment with God’s truth.


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