Yesterday morning I was having problems with my cell phone. It’s a year and half old now, certainly due for an upgrade in the not-too-distant future. I took it to my cell service provider’s store, hoping for a quick repair job but bracing myself for a long-winded sales pitch.

To my relief, the sales rep was able to fix my problem in a couple of minutes, free of charge. Best of all, not once did he attempt to get me to upgrade my phone and renew my contract. He gave me fast, friendly service and sent me on my way with a working phone without any money leaving my pocket.

Ironically, his lack of pushiness made me more interested in getting a new phone. I’d already psyched myself up into the very real possibility that I’d have to get a new one, and part of me was a little excited over the prospect of getting a new “toy”. Most of me, however, was thankful to have more time to shop before upgrading; I’m sure that day is coming in the next few months, given the age of the phone.

I wonder how many people are turned off by pushy Christian attitudes. I’d be willing to bet that friendly service without a sales pitch (“You need to visit my church!”) does more to bring others to Christ.