Last night I had a crazy dream, which is not unusual for me. This one involved one of my best friends and I taking a ski trip. Now, neither of us have been skiing in real life, although I’d like to try it sometime. Apparently in my dream we were skiing novices as well, because I dreamed that we were on the ski lift in our regular clothes and tennis shoes, not decked out in appropriate ski wear (not to mention no skis, no poles, no snowboard–nothing!). As we rode the lift, I realized that, unlike the rest of the passengers, we were totally unprepared to jump off the lift and ski away.

I began to panic over our fate. Would we just jump off, fall down in the snow and become doormats for the following passengers as they jumped off after us? Would we have time to crawl away before someone fell on us?

Thankfully, the ski lift happened to take a route through the lobby of the lodge we were staying in, and we both jumped out in the warm lobby before the lift proceeded to go back outdoors. Crazy dream, don’t ask me WHERE my mind came up with that one!

But to put a spiritual spin on it, perhaps my dream was God’s way of showing me that there are areas of my life that I want to move forward with, take a big leap, but am really unprepared for. Maybe He’s trying to tell me that before I can “ski”, I need to equip myself–which usually means more time in His Word, more time spent in prayer, seeking His counsel (and counsel from wise people in my life).

So many times I make up my mind that I want to do something and I proceed without consulting God or measuring my preparedness. Maybe this dream was meant to show me the importance of prayerful planning before taking a big leap.


3 thoughts on “Unprepared

  1. I’m glad to know if you were going to ski off a mountain wearing only street clothes and tennis shoes that I would be by your side!! Actually, it doesn’t sound too far outside the realm of possibility of something we would attempt…You know, another take on your dream could be a reminder of the warm safe haven of God’s love. He always provides us a way of escape (1 Cor 10:13). Sure, we may make mistakes – but at the end of the day, He stands at the door, ready to wrap us in His blanket of grace.


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