New Year’s Revolution

I’m not big on making New Year’s resolutions. Certainly, I’d like to get in better physical shape, save more money and spend less, and build stronger relationships with God and people in the coming year, all the typical resolutions.

But rather than resolving to run 20 miles a week or spend two hours in daily Bible study, I’m boiling my goals down to one. Essentially, my aim is to spend less time telling God what I want, and more time asking Him what He wants.

This, of course, spills over into every aspect of my life–my health, my finances, my work, my relationships.

God has been gently (and, in some cases, no so gently) impressing on me the importance of total surrender to Him. Some areas I can easily submit to Him–other areas are much harder. I fully expect Him to continue the process of transforming my heart so that it can be one of complete surrender to His will, no kicking, screaming, whining or complaining.

Of course, how can I expect to know His will for my life unless I ask Him? So that is my ultimate New Year’s “revolution”, not only for the coming year but for the rest of my life–seeking HIS will above mine. Certainly, I will stumble and fall along the way, and my selfish ways will rear their ugly heads from time to time. But I’m counting on God’s transformative power to make those times fewer and farther between as I mature in Him.


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