I have a couple of friends who have elected to undergo surgery to correct a deviated septum. The recovery was pretty tough, and they’ve admitted that there were times when they wondered if it had been wise to have the surgery and endure the suffering. But in the long run, their quality of life afterward (particularly their ability to breathe easier) made the pain worthwhile. They’ve said that they would have the surgery again if they had to, because they know the end result.

Asking God to change my heart is somewhat akin to having elective surgery. Certainly, I can live without the changes; I can even have what most would deem to be a good life. But even while some of the “surgery” that God is performing on me is painful, I know that I am exchanging a good life for a better one.

Only God knows the end result of this transformation. He sees the big picture and knows how it will all turn out. From time to time He’s giving me little snapshots of how He’s working in my life and the changes He’s bringing about, and that’s very exciting and encouraging to me. I am beginning to see how this recent heartbreak, painful as it has been, is a good thing for me.

I know that one day I will be able to see from God’s perspective and recognize how truly awesome His timing and His plans for my life are. Until then, I am delighting in days when I feel strong and confident in His work in me. On days when I feel weak and weepy, I’m reminding myself that it’s all going to be worth it.

I praise You, Lord, for knowing my heart’s desires and my heart’s needs! You are truly awesome in Your sovreignty and grace. Thank You for showering me with your incredible love, and for bringing others alongside me to comfort and encourage me when I need it most. I can’t wait to see the results of this “extreme makeover” that You’re doing in me! I know that all the pain is worth the end results.