Early Riser

Normally I’d consider myself a morning person–just not an early morning person. I probably hit my stride at around the 10:00 a.m. point. Although I do get up extra early on weekdays in order to have time to exercise, read my Bible, check email and blog before work, it still takes a lot of willpower to drag myself out of bed while it’s still dark outside.

Today I’m up even earlier because I’m interviewing someone for a job opening, and the only time the girl could come in to meet with us was at 7:00 a.m. (Let’s hope she’s a REALLY good candidate!) At least my boss and another VP will be sitting in on the interview, so if I fall asleep during it they can nudge me awake. Seriously, I’d appreciate prayers that the interview will go well and that we’ll have wisdom and discernment in choosing the right candidate for the job. (We are conducting another interview on Thursday–in the afternoon, thank goodness.)

On the plus side, at least getting to work so dadgummed early guarantees me a primo parking spot. Maybe I’ll even get out of the house early enough to have time to make a Starbucks run on the way in. Knowing me, that’s doubtful though…


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