Another Book Recommendation

If you want to be challenged and encouraged in your prayer life, then I have a book recommendation for you: The Autobiography of George Muller. Caught up in a life of sin and rebellion, Muller was converted to Christianity and eventually became a preacher in 19th century England.

After establishing his ministry, he began opening orphanages. Muller decided that he would not ask others for the funds to establish and supply these orphanages; rather, he would depend solely on God to meet his needs. His autobiography contains many of Muller’s diary entries throughout his ministry that testify to his dependence on God.

As I read through the entries, I was amazed at Muller’s incredible faith. There were many recorded instances (and doubtless many others not recorded in the book) where the orphan ministry was in dire straits, with not even enough money to buy milk or bread for the next day. Rather than despair, however, Muller continued to lay his needs before God, depending completely on Him. Without fail, God came through with one donation after another, sometimes anonymously, sometimes in unexpected ways, but always just in time. Muller truly took the words “Give us today our daily bread” to heart.

In reading Muller’s autobiography, I have really been challenged put my trust more fully in God to meet not only my material and financial needs, but my emotional and spiritual needs as well. Although I need God to meet my needs every day, there are some days where I don’t sense that need to depend on Him, even though that need is there. I think Muller put himself into a position where he felt that need every single day, and as a result, his faith grew stronger each day.

To sum up, if you want some inspiration in your prayer life–read this book!


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