As my co-workers and I were heading toward the exit of our office building tonight, one of my co-workers wondered aloud if the cloudy skies heralded rain. Nah, I said. It won’t rain. We’ve had enough teases with clouds over the past few weeks; I know better than to hope for rain. Even though I’d prayed for rain hours earlier.

We stepped outside the front doors, and lo and behold, it was raining! Not just sprinkles, not just a light mist, not even just a thirty second shower. This was a sure enough, bona fide rainstorm. I was so happy to be so wrong. I gladly walked to my car (couldn’t run in heels) in the pouring rain.

Although the rain stopped before I got home, it picked up again not long after I was inside, with at least a couple of spells of rain, thunder and all. Predictably, my dog was stuck to my side during the rainstorms like white on rice. She’s scared of the rain, so whenever she hears it she’s either cowering under the bed or playing the role of my shadow. It’s a wonder I haven’t tripped over her and broken my neck yet.

When she’s not afraid, my dog still likes being by my side, but she also has times where she’d prefer being left alone. But when something scares her–then she doesn’t want to leave my side. She feels safe with me. Of course, I know that a thunderstorm is not going to harm her, but she doesn’t understand that. It does no good for me to lecture her about how silly she is to hide from the rain. So I do what any good mom does when her baby’s frightened–I speak soothing words and hold her. I let her follow me all over the house. I don’t force her to go outside and confront her fears.

How thankful I am that God likewise shows compassion and care when I’m frightened. When fear and worry haunt me, I want to cozy up to God. I feel safe and secure there. Although I often don’t understand the storms of life that I go through, God does. He doesn’t expect me to understand, and doesn’t lecture me about my shortsightedness or misperceptions.

Sometimes God stills the storms in our lives. Other times He allows them to go on, even though we don’t understand why. But He is always there with us. Sometimes His presence is more felt when we are in those storms. Maybe that’s why He allows those storms–to draw us closer to Him. At any rate, I am grateful for the reminder that I don’t go through stormy weather alone.