Fully trusting God is not merely entrusting our lives to Him. It is also entrusting to Him the lives of those we love. As we trust Him to lead us, we must also trust that He is leading the lives of all whose hearts are committed to Him.

I’ll admit that that is a difficult thing to do. People we love, and who love us, will let us down at times. They will do things and say things that we don’t want them to do or say. Sometimes that will be the result of sinful behavior on their part, but other times it is God leading them in a way that we don’t understand. If He is calling them to take an action (or, in some cases, to wait) that we don’t agree with, we have to trust that His reasons are far beyond our comprehension.

Suppose that someone we love criticizes something that we do. It’s easy to get our nose out of joint and think that they are mean and insensitive and trying to hurt us. But perhaps the truth is that God laid that thought on their heart to share with us with the intention of exposing some fault in our own lives and trying to help us become more like Him.

We need to be willing to release the people that God has placed in our lives to His care and to His plans for their lives. It’s difficult to release our own desires and expectations for how we want them to act or to respond to our needs and wishes. Maybe we want them to stay in our lives when God is calling them to move on. We can’t always understand the whys of what God does, but learning to let go of our will for others’ lives and accept His is an important step in acknowleging God’s sovreignty over everything.

As much as we love someone, God loves them infinitely greater than we ever can. He knows far better than we do what’s best for them. And His ways will always be the best.


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