Road Trip

As a single woman, you’d think that I had plenty of time to spend alone with God. And I do. But I admit that I’m easily distracted when I’m at home alone. Often, instead of taking advantage of that alone time to study or pray, I find myself caught up in doing laundry or emptying the dishwasher or mowing the grass, or yielding to the temptation to watch TV instead.

That’s why I enjoy days where I hit the road and get some quiet time in the car. Today is one of those days. I’ll be heading northward to Cullman to speak at a lunch meeting. I’m sure part of my drive up will involve me rehearsing my speech, but I’m looking forward to having a few hours of solitude (with no household chores) where I can talk to God and listen to Him. I often find myself connecting more with Him in my car, perhaps because I’m not distracted by the lure of other activities.

I hope that, whether in the car or at your home or office or somewhere in between, you find time to connect with God in a powerful way today!


4 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. I feel some of my very best prayer time and ministry come during road trips. Tom and I often have long spiritual talks while in the car going somewhere and I also use that time to listen to CDs of sermons and to pray extensively.Hope you have a great day today and good trip, Lisa!Dee


  2. Terri,Yep, I was in Cullman–had to speak at a lunch meeting at Grumpy’s Pizza! I wish I’d had time to look you and Donna up while I was there; unfortunately, I had to head back to the office. Maybe next time I come up there we can meet.


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