Spiritual Influences

I’m in a particularly reflective mood this week (although that’s not saying much, as I’m nearly always in a reflective mood!). Tonight I started thinking about various people that God has gifted me with who have been a powerful spiritual influence on my life.

While I’m surrounded with many great influences in my family, church and among my friends, there are some influences that are no longer with me for one reason or another. Some of these people are no longer here, due to death or moving away. Some people have figuratively moved to a different place in their lives and we don’t talk as much as we once did. But regardless of whether or not I see or talk to these people again here on Earth, the impact they made on my heart will last as long as I live.

I think that one of the greatest rewards we’ll have in Heaven is realizing how many people we impacted with our lives. Equally exciting to me is the prospect of being able to share my gratitude to those who have touched my life in so many powerful ways. Of course, I try to share that with people now, while I’m still living, but I can’t completely convey how influential they are, how encouraging they’ve been. The actions that may seem small to them–the note of encouragement, the phone call at just the right time, the compliment, the prayer uttered on my behalf–make a huge impact on me.

Take some time this week to show your gratitude to at least one person who has impacted you in a powerful way. You never know, it may be exactly what they need to hear right now.


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