Working Well

There are few things in life to me as relaxing as someone playing with my hair. There’s something about someone running their fingers through my hair that makes me want to drift off to sleep. If only I could hire someone to come over to my house every night and play with my hair until I fell asleep…on second thought, that’s a little creepy…never mind.

After work I had a haircut appointment. My hairstyling guru was finishing up with another client when I arrived, so a girl at the salon pinch hit for him and washed my hair. She did a very good job of massaging my head while shampooing and conditioning away. Extremely relaxing.

By contrast, I was reminded of a woman who shampooed hair at my former salon several years ago. At this salon, there were about a half dozen men and women who manned (and womanned) the shampoo stations, and there was one woman in particular who everyone dreaded getting as their shampoo-er. The reason was that instead of gently massaging your hair, she pushed it haphazardly around your head, like someone flinging unwanted spaghetti around their plate with their hands. It was definitely not a relaxing experience.

Both women did the same job. Both accomplished the same goal–a clean head of hair for the stylist to work with. But whereas the one who took care of me today took the time to make it a relaxing and enjoyable experience, the other one did not seem to care. Technically, she did her job–but I can’t say that she did her job well.

I was reminded that there are times when I, too, do my job, but fail to do it well. I sometimes focus more on the end goal, neglecting the importance of the process of reaching that goal. Even though I have a job that I truly enjoy, some days I’m distracted or tired or downright lazy, and do what I can to skate by. I’m not proud of that, and I do honestly want to do my best–but sometimes I give in to the temptation to goof off a little more than I should.

Right now it’s somewhat of a slow time at work for me, which makes the temptation to slack off even greater. I tend to focus a little better when I’m on a deadline or have a lot of projects going on. This just means I need to discipline myself more to stay focused and do my best. I remind myself that it is ultimately the Lord who I am working for. Honestly, though, on slow days it’s a struggle to keep myself on track.

How do you stay motivated to do not just your job, but to do it well?


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