A couple of days ago I began reading Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper. His writing is thought-provoking and challenging, the kind of book that I can’t speed read through.

Although this book addresses in particular the need to stop wasting time pursuing self-fulfillment and instead pursue what really matters–an intimate relationship with Christ–I find myself thinking about other ways of being wasteful. One of those wasteful tendencies is with food.

Today I discovered a container of fruit that I had tucked away in my refrigerator several days ago and obviously forgotten about. Sadly, that’s not the first container to become a casualty of the refrigerator wasteland. If you’ve ever wondered if sour cream can actually go bad, the answer is yes. I know firsthand.

While I can’t recall offhand any Scripture references that expressly say that wasting food is a sin (someone please let me know if there is such a verse!), there are quite a few verses that address stewardship and taking care of what God gives us. In some of these verses, it is referring to not wasting the spiritual gifts and talents that we are given, but I believe that we are to also be careful not to waste the material and financial gifts we are given.

Letting food spoil is certainly not good stewardship. As a single person, it is somewhat of a challenge to buy groceries–especially fresh produce–and eat it all before it has a chance to go bad. However, there are times–today being one of them–when I could easily go home for lunch and eat what I already have in my house, but instead opt to go out to lunch instead.

So I feel challenged today to address my wastefulness in the area of food and to make a concerted effort to eat and enjoy what I already have before buying more. I know there are other areas of wastefulness that God is already revealing to me, and I’ll share more of those later. One step at a time!