Like much of the southeast, we’ve been experiencing a drought over the past couple of months. We’ve had a few periods of brief showers here and there, but are still way behind our typical rainfall totals.

This afternoon, we had a heavy downpour at our office, much to our delight. One of my co-workers had the weather radar pulled up on his computer monitor and remarked at how the radar wasn’t showing any rain in our area, while we could clearly see otherwise.

Then he said that yesterday (which saw no rain) was supposed to have had a better chance of rain than today. I replied that perhaps the weather folks forgot to tell God about those percentages!

In the midst of all kinds of technology, Super Doppler radar, and other gadgets designed to track every bolt of lightning and predict every raindrop, how grateful I am for those times when God acts against the odds. He is not bound but what the Weather Channel says. He can bring rain, snow, hail and sunshine when He so chooses. He is not limited in His ability.

This applies not only to weather, but to every aspect of our lives. Just as He has control over the clouds, He has control over every storm and rain that come into our lives.