Seeking Savannah Suggestions

I am tentatively planning a trip to Savannah, GA this fall. I’ve never been before–any suggestions on places I should definitely include in my itinerary, as well as places to avoid?


3 thoughts on “Seeking Savannah Suggestions

  1. We visited Savannah in July 2003 and really enjoyed it. We ate at the Six Pence Pub and the food was pretty good. It has a red English phone booth outside and was in the movie, “Something to Talk About”. We took a trolley tour that pointed out lots of famous locations like the Mercer House from “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” and the bench Forrest Gump sat on waiting for the bus. I don’t think you can really go wrong in Savannah.


  2. Hey there,I’ve been to Savannah a couple of times but it has been probably 10 years ago. I stayed at a place called, if I remember right, the “Presidents’ Quarters” and their rooms were named after various presidents. It was a neat place.The riverfront has a lot of history and quaint shops, and a nice walking path. You’ll want to spend some time there.Neal


  3. Hi Lisa,Wandering through the world of blogs I read your comment on Jim Martin’s blog. I appraciete your comment about single women – I live in Warsaw, Poland and here is the same. At certain age woman stops being ‘full’ person unless she gets married – just want you to know you are in my prayers. I pray that when the time comes (and I get married) I will remember and let young women wait for their time) God bless, Kasia


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