Too Much Worrying about God’s Will?

Do we spend too much time trying to figure out God’s will, rather than obeying Him? And can we really know His will in making decisions in our life?

I’ve known people who were so concerned with trying to figure out God’s will for their life in making certain decisions that they were practically immobilized, figuring that taking no action was better than taking the wrong action. Certainly, the Bible reveals God’s will regarding how He wants us to live as His children. But do we waste time trying to figure out where He wants us to live, or which job He wants us to take, or which Sunday school class to attend?

Here’s an interesting take on discerning God’s will:

“The preponderance of biblical evidence suggests that we should not worry at all about whether or not we’ve correctly discerned God’s will for our lives. The whole idea that you could miss God’s plan by buying the wrong house or choosing the wrong job is completely missing from the Bible. You never see Paul or Daniel or Joseph or Ruth worrying about missing God’s will, and they were thrown into situations that might make them wonder. Paul was shipwrecked, tortured, and stoned. Daniel was taken into captivity and thrown into the lions’ den. Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery; then he was wrongly accused of rape and thrown into prison. Ruth’s husband died, and she became an exile in a strange country.

God is most concerned that we love Him, that we follow Him in obedience. He is fully capable of reaching down at any time in our lives and moving us wherever we need to be to accomplish His will. He sent an angel to tell Philip where to go to meet the Ethiopian eunuch, then mysteriously took Philip away when that task was completed. He directed Paul both through dreams and through his various arrests and imprisonments. But this divine direction is always His to worry about–never ours.” (The Single Truth by Lori Smith, pps. 42-43)

What are your thoughts on the subject?


2 thoughts on “Too Much Worrying about God’s Will?

  1. I’ve always thought that God can’t lead us if we won’t move. If we’re just sitting down, how can he take us anywhere. If we’ll just get up and start doing something, I think he’ll do the leading!


  2. I like the comment about becoming “immobilized” in wondering what God’s will is. . . I think we can get tripped up by focusing too much on “waiting” when God desires for us to be proactive, taking those steps, so He can enjoy taking that journey with us, guiding us, molding us and shaping us through those experiences. good thoughts.


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