In Good Hands

I really look forward to getting my hair cut. For one, having my hair washed is one of the most relaxing things to me. But more importantly, I know that when I leave my hair salon, I’m going to look good.

I trust my hairstylist. I’ve been seeing him now for about three years, and I know that he knows what he’s doing. Usually when I get into his chair and he asks what I want him to do, I tell him to do whatever he wants. Of course, I trust him enough to know that he’s not going to give me a crew cut or dye my hair pink. He realizes that how my hair looks is a reflection on him–as Vidal Sassoon would say, if I don’t look good, he doesn’t look good.

My hairstylist is trained to cut and style hair. He knows what cut and style looks best on me. I don’t bother bringing him pictures from magazines of other women whose hairstyles I would like to emulate. I let him decide what’s best. And I have to say, I usually leave the salon feeling good because I got a great cut.

Now, if I put this much stock into someone who’s merely cutting my hair, why then do I struggle to fully trust God and believe that He knows what’s best for my life? Perhaps part of the struggle is that I don’t always get instantaneous results. With a haircut, I can see the fruits of my stylist’s labor right away. But sometimes I pray over and over about the same things and cannot see any changes. Of course, that does not mean that there aren’t changes, that God isn’t working. But it can be awfully frustrating to wait to see some results.

O God, teach me to trust You more, especially in times where I cannot see what You’re doing. You know far better than I do what I need. Help me to joyfully embrace whatever You send my way today, and to encourage others to do the same. May Your name be praised, and may Your glory be magnified in my life and the lives of those around me.


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