There are times when I see a wide chasm between where I am in my walk with Christ and where I want to be. And I become frustrated and discouraged.

I see areas of my life where I want to improve, from my discipline in diet and exercise, to attitudes at work, to relationships in need of healing and strengthening. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my spiritual “to-do” list. Just when I think I’ve got one temptation or bad attitude beat, another one (or two or ten) springs up in its place.

Then I remember that my role is not to change myself, but rather to allow God’s Spirit to change me. He is the Potter, not I. As the clay that He is working with, I am to remain moldable, yielding to the changes He makes as He forms and shapes me into the woman He wants me to be. But I am not in charge of changing myself–which is a very good thing!

That is not to say that I am to be inactive and not take steps to improve my diet or relationships. But when I am allowing God’s Spirit to give me wisdom in those areas, and trust Him to guide me, things go much smoother than when I try to make them work on my own.