I haven’t filled in my predictions bracket yet, but I’ve got to go with my heart and pick my perennial favorite, Duke to at least win the West and play in the final game. (What can I say? I’m a loyal woman!)

Hopefully they’ll fare much better than they did last year. I’m especially interested in their first-round match-up against Belmont. Belmont is my alma mater (Lipscomb)’s down-the-street rival, and I screamed my heart out at many Battles of the Boulevard while in school.

And while a Duke-UNC match-up in the finals would be ideal, I’m going to pick Kansas to be in the finals instead. I don’t study bracketology; there’s not much method to my March Madness. I tend to fill out my bracket on pure instinct (and okay, loyalty to some degree, as in Duke). Who knows, maybe this year I’ll be right on my predictions more than I’m wrong. A girl can dream…

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