Is God Enough?

Yesterday I attended a ladies’ fellowship day at Hunter Hills. The theme was “Lies Women Believe”, based on Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ book by the same name. There were great speakers and breakout sessions, but one group session in particular really stuck with me.

In that session, the speaker shared some personal testimony about how she had been discontent in her life circumstances. Up until that point, her life had pretty much gone according to her plans. Suddenly, she found herself enduring painful circumstances that she had definitely not planned on.

In the midst of these circumstances, she felt God asking her, “Am I enough? Even if you don’t get what you want, if your circumstances don’t change, am I enough for you?” She gradually came to a point where she could honestly and whole-heartedly say that God IS enough for her, regardless of her circumstances.

In asking myself the question, “Is God enough?”, I can see that there have been (and probably will still be) times when the answer was “no”, or at least, “I’m not sure.” Now, I know that God is enough, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, especially when I’m not getting the answers I want.

That is one of Satan’s greatest lies–the lie that we need more than God to fulfill us or bring us joy or peace or whatever else we’re seeking. It’s easy to feel like I can completely rely on God when everything’s peachy-keen, but when things don’t turn out how I envisioned, my faith can waver. It’s then that I realize how much focus I’m putting on my circumstances rather than on God.

This weekend provided a much-needed reminder to turn my attention to God rather than my life. I realize how often I value others’ opinions of me or their acceptance of me more than God’s opinion and acceptance of me.

Is God enough? Oh yes, more than enough.


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