Mission Advice

Two weeks from today I’ll be south of the border in Guatemala, on my first mission trip. This one is a medical mission trip with Health Talents International, which runs the clinic where we’ll be working. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my going on this trip has been totally orchestrated by God. While I am certainly eager to help others there in the clinic, I have a feeling that I will come away having been blessed more by those I will be trying to help.

This afternoon, our mission team had our final group meeting before our trip. We spent a great deal of time talking about some of the logistics of the trip and what to expect. Compared to many other places in the world, the places where we’ll be staying will be quite luxurious, with hot running water and air conditioning. Perhaps that’s not such a bad way to ease into missions…although it may also spoil me for doing mission work in other places that don’t have as many modern conveniences!

For those of you who have participated in mission trips before, what advice would you give to a novice missionary such as myself? What (if anything) do you wish you’d known before you embarked on your trip?


2 thoughts on “Mission Advice

  1. Take a large water bottle to keep for brushing your teeth and stuff. The little hand sanitizer that hooks on your belt loops is good. Cargo pants are shorts give you plenty of room for your camera. Scrubs make good clothes to wear because they dry fast when you wash them. Off Towelettes are great before you go to bed at night… Rubber flip flops in case you have the kind of “hot” water showers we had in Honduras!!!


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