The Week That Was

It’s been an eventful week in my neck of the woods. At work, we’re preparing for our annual fall Convention, which begins this Thursday and concludes on Saturday. As if that wasn’t eventful enough, there was this historic, life-changing event that happened Tuesday night. That’s right, my third niece, Evelyn, made her debut into the world. I can’t wait to see her in person (along with the rest of her family) at Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah, there was also the matter of a little Presidential election going on that day as well. Seriously, I can’t say that I was particularly bowled over by either candidate (and certainly not by their running mates). Until a few days before the election, I wasn’t sure who was going to get my vote. While I disagree with quite a few of the President-Elect’s stances on various issues (and I disagreed with Senator McCain as well), it is rather thrilling to see history in the making. Regardless of our feelings about the outcome of the election, we need to be in prayer for all of our leaders, from President-Elect Obama down to our city councilpeople. They desperately need wisdom and foresight to lead our nation, perhaps now more than ever.

Although certainly the birth of my niece was the highlight of my week, Bama clinching the SEC West (in Death Valley, no less) was pretty special. I think that even if we’d been up 28-0 going into the fourth, I would not have let my guard down. LSU is one of those teams that pulls off some unbelievable plays, and they played Bama harder than any team has thus far this year. I was thankful we pulled out the win in the first overtime–I don’t know if my heart could have taken multiple overtimes.

So a new week begins with Bama retaining its #1 ranking, my family one beautiful little girl bigger, no more political ads on TV (hooray!) and a great deal of work to cram into the next two days before we head down on Wednesday to get set up for our Convention. Maybe next week will be calm for a change…


2 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. Two of my friends had babies last week and I got to hold both of the sweet angels. What could be better about starting a week with so many precious babies coming into the world to Christian parents, Bama being #1 and the election being OVER! What a great week ahead!


  2. I was grateful that I was playing tennis and couldn’t watch the game. I honestly don’t think I could have kept from being an emotional wreck! I watched the whole thing when I got home last night (sans commercials) and could see how Bama really dominated the game….and still they could have lost! Whew!! and Roll Tide!


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