On the whole, today was a pretty good day, but the workday ended on somewhat of a down note. I got some potentially bad news about one of my projects, which is not my favorite way to wind up a Monday.

However, on my way home I was praying about it and concluded that, in the grand scheme of things, it really won’t matter if this project continues as planned or not. Much of the actual work I do won’t mean a hill of beans five or ten or fifty years from now. What does matter is how I treat our members and my co-workers and the other people that God brings into my life.

I’d much rather be a failure in business than a failure at loving others. Unfortunately, some days I feel like I spend way more time focusing on the business side rather than the loving side. Granted, that is sometimes the nature of life–we put our relationships aside to tackle the urgency of work. Too often, I neglect the most important people in my life because I assume that they’ll still be there and love me when I have time to get back to them. Sometimes work does have to take precedence, at least for a little while–but not all the time.

Since I’ve gotten home tonight, I’ve heard news of one friend who lost a parent, and another who has a seriously ill family member. Once again I’m quickly reminded of what really matters. And that work project doesn’t seem quite so important at all now.


One thought on “Perspective

  1. It is humbling to put our lives into perspective from time to time. I don’t know if it’s just the selfish nature of humans, but we tend to think our troubles are so big until we see those in worse situations than we hope to ever imagine. Thanks for helping me to re-align my perspective.I know it’s been a while since you tagged me, but I have finally posted my six random things.


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