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Most mornings as I’m getting ready for work I like to crank up the music, and when I’m not listening to a playlist on itunes I click on Pandora. Pandora is a free internet radio website that allows you to create your own custom stations. Simply type in the name of a particular song or musician, and Pandora will generate a station that only plays songs with similar traits to that song or artist. You can create a station that’s based on multiple songs and artists as well.

I love the fact that you can create multiple stations, since I like to listen to different music based on my mood. For instance, I can get my 80s hair-metal band fix on my Bon Jovi station, or if I’m feeling a bit more mellow, i can switch to my Matchbox 20 station. And if the station begins playing a song I don’t want to hear, I can skip to the next song. (Note, however, that there are a limited number of skips you can use on one station at a time.)

Best of all, it’s free and doesn’t require any downloads. One caveat: Pandora can make it hard to get out the door. I can’t count how many times I’ve been about to turn off the computer when Pandora cranks out another great song. So far I haven’t been late to work yet as a result, but there have definitely been some close calls. So listen with caution.

That’s why Pandora works for me. For more Works for Me Wednesday tips, visit We Are That Family.