Book Review: City on Our Knees

I recently signed on as a book reviewer for Bethany House Publishers. They send me books for free in exchange for giving my honest feedback by writing a review of the books. My first book to review for them was City on Our Knees by music artist TobyMac.

Based on the hit song by the same name, the book is a compilation of stories of people who have stepped out in faith to minister to others and make a difference in their communities and, in some cases, around the world. While some of these featured activists are quite well known in the Christian faith (such as John Wesley and George Mueller), there are many other stories of those who you’ve likely never heard of. The stories range from the 1800s to present day, and cover a wide range of ages, backgrounds and circumstances.
The common denominator is a desire to make a difference in the name of Christ. Although several of the featured activists have been able to use their influence and celebrity to help others, most of the stories are of so-called ordinary people who have started small and have seen their cause grow.
The stories are pretty short, which made for a quick read. I found many of the stories to be quite inspirational, and I found myself questioning what I could do to make a difference in the world around me.

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