I’ve been giving more and more thought to my future, to where I want to be geographically, spiritually, relationally, physically, career-wise, the whole nine yards. For the most part I get excited thinking about the future, but from time to time I feel totally overwhelmed and a little freaked out.

Thankfully, in those freaked-out times God often sends a reminder my way that He’s got my future all planned out for me and under control. He’s nudged open some unexpected doors lately that reassure me of His provision. I keep reminding myself that He’s going before me to prepare the next chapter of my life. I’m not going anywhere, literally or figuratively, that He hasn’t already mapped out in advance for me.
As these unexpected reminders of His provision pop up, I’m trying to journal about them as an added reminder down the road. It’s unfortunate that I can quickly forget what He’s done for me, so I need that written recount. I think that when I’m able to look back and read of some of the things He’s done to prepare the way for my next place in life, I’m going to be amazed at His timing and His total provision for me.