Book Review: Then Sings My Soul

My most recent book review for Booksneeze is that of Then Sings My Soul by Robert J. Morgan. The book is a compilation of 150 Christian hymns and the stories behind them.

The book includes the music and lyrics for each hymn, along with a brief synopsis of the lyricist and/or composer. Hymns range from Christmas and Easter selections to “everyday” hymns.
I sang in chorus and both junior high and high school and have a great love of music, as well as history, so this book was a great read for me. Considering that many churches today (mine included) sing more contemporary praise and worship music and not as many hymns, I enjoyed being reminded of several old hymns that I haven’t sung in years.
I’ve been reading a few stories at night before bed; they’re only one page each and quick to read through. If you particularly enjoy history, I think you’ll find this book to be an enjoyable and enlightening read.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Then Sings My Soul

  1. Hi! Could you teach me how to add photos (book covers) onto a post, if you could please? I am simply impossible at this whole blog business! 🙂 Much appreciated.


  2. Emme, it's easy. When you're writing a post, click on the little picture (add image) icon above the text box. You can upload pictures from your computer (which is what I usually do) or from the web. You can decide where in your post to put the picture.

    Hope that helps!


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