Recipe for a Good Saturday

Start with NO ALARM.
(Wouldn’t you know it that on the day that I can FINALLY sleep in late, I wake up on my own before the sun’s up? At least I can lounge in my pajamas as long as I want.)

Add some heavy-duty holiday shopping to try to whittle my shopping list down significantly before the stores get crazy-busy.

If I’ve been a good girl, perhaps a quick stop here while I’m out:

Since there’s no

today, I may have to settle for
Finally, settle in for the evening with a movie and a big stack of

and I’ll be one happy camper.
Now you tell me–what’s a good Saturday in your book?

3 thoughts on “Recipe for a Good Saturday

  1. yep- i'm a thinkin' that sounds pretty darn good!

    i'm hoping to get electron's 2 research papers under serious construction (he's stuck and needs help) and more boxes unpacked and organized…. and somehow my linen closet has revolted even though i just organized it 3 weeks ago?!?!?!

    the shoe bins have vomited all over the laundry room- again… and dust bunnies have invaded my living room windows……

    wanna trade? i would prefer shopping and starbucks :((((


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