And a One and a Two…

Apparently 2011 is turning out to be the year of trying new things. I’ve already accomplished one of my longtime goals by trying my hand at fitness boot camp (I’m getting ready for my FOURTH camp in a couple of weeks, can you believe it??), and now I’m planning on conquering the world of ballroom dance.

For many years I’ve wanted to take dance lessons, but have never had a willing partner to take with me. Now, however, a few co-workers and I have signed up to take lessons together this fall. I can only imagine the struggle we’ll have to maintain our composure rather than crack each other up. We could probably sell tickets for people to come watch our lessons, as I’m sure we’ll provide many laughs with our lack of coordination and grace. Regardless of whether I master the cha-cha or the rhumba, these lessons will provide lots of fun (and hopefully burn some extra calories, too.)
Now, what I was saying earlier in the year about feeling like I’m in a rut?

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