Saturday Agenda: To Be Determined

With our fall work convention now firmly in my rearview mirror, I finally have some downtime to actually breathe. It’s refreshing to come home with some pep still left in my step and to actually have some energy (and desire) to spend time with friends. I enjoyed a lovely meal and bookstore run with a dear friend of mine tonight after work, and am looking forward to being more social in the coming days and weeks.

My Saturday plans got cancelled, so now I have the whole day stretched in front of me with no agenda. I’ve got some ideas rummaging around in my head, though…

Maybe I’ll start off with a quick stop for one of these (nonfat no whip, of course)
and perhaps a trip out here for their annual Christmas open house.
I may have to spend some time cruising the aisles of my favorite shoe store
and most likely make a trip here too.
Then again, I may just stay home, catch up on some housework and reading, maybe even try out a new recipe or project that I’ve pinned.
Of course, I’m pretty sure I know what my evening agenda consists of–rumor has it there’s some football game on TV that night…
What are your weekend plans?

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