WFMW: Christmas Art on the Cheap

I recently determined that it was time to change out the artwork above my stove. My old artwork consisted of a floral print cut from an old Georgie O’Keefe calendar inserted into an 8×10 yard sale frame (for which I probably paid a whopping 25 cents). It was pretty, but after a few years I was ready to look at something new without spending much money on it. 
With Christmas approaching, I decided to find some Christmas-themed subway art to put into the frame. There is an abundance of subway art on the internet, and I chose this one. I simply saved it to my desktop, scaled it down to 8×10, and printed on my home printer. 
The yard sale frame originally had a white crackle finish, so I spray painted it a glossy black using paint I already had on hand. Here’s the finished project:

Voila! New Christmas-themed artwork for just a few pennies. Now THAT works for me!
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