My Quest for 2012

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions; they often seem like I’m setting myself up for failure, as inevitably my resolve to exercise every single day/disavow fast food/balance my checkbook every day will fail, and I’ll give up altogether. Some people do great with resolutions–I just don’t happen to be one of them.

Instead of making resolutions for 2012, I’m continuing my quest for healthy living. Certainly this largely involves my physical health. I’ll get back to the boot camp grind tomorrow (which will be hard to do after two weeks off!) and will do my best to run or fit in some other form of exercise on my non-boot camp days. I’ll try to cut back on the number of times I eat out, especially fast food, and do more cooking at home, which will help not only my waistline but my wallet as well.

The healthy living isn’t just limited to the physical, however. I want to stay mentally sharp and challenge myself to try new things. Perhaps I’ll take the intermediate ballroom dance class, since I enjoyed the beginner class so much, or I may try a different class or new hobby. I’m hopeful that I’ll meet more people who challenge my thinking and who encourage me to be a better person.

Most of all, my quest involves my spiritual health. I feel like over the past year God has taught me so much about His provision and has helped me finally feel content with who I am, at home in my own skin. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t welcome some life changes, but I feel more comfortable at this stage in my life than perhaps I ever have. I’m grateful for all God has taught me, but I don’t want the teaching to end (and I know it won’t). I eagerly anticipate what He’s going to do through and for me in the coming year.

How about you–are you a resolutions kind of person? What are you focusing on for 2012?


One thought on “My Quest for 2012

  1. I think it's fun to make resolutions, but that is just the planner in me talking! This year I'm thinking of trying to tackle one new habit each month. I have slacked off on simple things that over time become bad habits. Most will make a positive difference in my overall health as well–devo time each morning, go to bed on time, get up early, drink lots of water, etc. Nothing huge, but big returns!


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