Living and Active Challenge

Who’s ready for a challenge?

As I’ve mentioned before, the Peak 313 blog is one of my favorite fitness blogs to follow, not only because Clare (the author) offers helpful fitness and healthy eating tips, but because she approaches healthy living from a Christian point of view. As the tagline on her blog says, she encourages women from the inside out. 
Next week she’s kicking off a five-week challenge called the Living and Active Challenge that has both a physical and spiritual component, with some accountability thrown in for good measure. The physical challenge is to exercise at least four days a week for 25 minutes minimum per day. If you’re not already doing that or need some inspiration for workouts, she’ll be providing some suggested workout plans utilizing minimal equipment. 
For the spiritual side of the challenge, Clare will give some key principles to focus on in maintaining a “living and active” life, with a weekly verse to memorize. It’s been a while since I’ve memorized Scripture so I’m especially looking forward to that aspect of the challenge. 
Each week I’ll be posting how I’m doing with the challenge. If you’re looking for a good kickstart to some healthy living (inside and out) for fall, I encourage you to join me in Clare’s challenge. 

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