Serenity Now

“Frustrating” seems to be the appropriate word to sum up my week. Remember how I mentioned having car problems earlier in the week? I got the car back from the shop on Wednesday, everything seemed to be in proper working order, and then last night on my way home it started having trouble again. FRUSTRATING.

Thankfully, once again, my parents kindly loaned me one of their cars to use for the weekend, and Monday my dad and I will take my car back to be serviced yet again. This latest issue has pretty much convinced me that it’s time to shop for a new (or newer, less troublesome) vehicle. I’m not wild about the prospect of having a monthly car payment again, but I’m also not wild about being on a first-name basis with the service department.

It’s also been a somewhat frustrating workweek, with a couple of people driving me up the wall with various requests and remarks. I’ve had to do a lot of praying on my way in to work in the mornings about my attitude towards certain people. I wish I could say that my attitude has been completely gracious and self-sacrificing toward those who rub me the wrong way, but I would be lying. Some days it’s a real struggle to keep myself from complaining and having a rotten attitude, and a lot of days I’ve vented way too much when I should have kept my mouth shut. Obviously I still have a lot of praying to do and the Holy Spirit has a lot of work to do on me.

In summary, I’ve been saying or thinking one of my favorite Seinfeld-isms this week. A LOT.


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