Weekend Links

After several months of planning and many loooong hours over the past week, my work’s summer conference is officially finito (at least until next year). Although we were in a beautiful beachfront resort, nearly all of my hours were spent working the conference. I did, however, manage to take a quick walk on the beach one afternoon and enjoyed a leisurely cup of coffee on my hotel room balcony this morning before getting ready to head home.

My room with a (partial) view.
My room with a (partial) view.

It will likely be another day or so before I feel like I’ve semi-returned to the land of the living, so in the meantime here are a few articles and blog posts that I’ve enjoyed lately. Happy reading, everyone!

Are you making your life harder?–I am especially guilty of #6. Advice to heed for myself: “Every single time you are offered a choice that involves greater risk, take it.”

Change your password, change your life–I love the idea of using passwords as motivational tools. I’m thinking it’s time to change mine (both the passwords and life).

A beautiful benediction for everyone

Why didn’t someone think of this sooner and when is it coming to a beach near me???

Your dose of “Awwwwww”–Who would turn down this adorable little girl?



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