Weekend Makeover

This weekend was partially devoted to conducting a makeover–not on myself, although I could probably use one, but rather on my hall bathroom. When I first bought my house, the bath was wallpapered in a rather unsightly green and pink floral print. It wasn’t long before I pulled down the wallpaper (a MAJOR pain) and painted the walls a neutral beige color. After a few years of living with that, I decided I was ready for some color, so I painted the walls a deep crimson. Pretty dramatic, but I liked it and lived with it for several more years, until now.

I spent most of yesterday repainting the bathroom, beginning with not one but two coats of primer to get rid of the crimson. (Sorry I neglected to take before pics!) I topped that with two coats of Behr Cool Dusk. Here’s the end result:


You’ll have to forgive the less-than-stellar photo and trust me when I say that the blue is actually a bit lighter in person than what appears on screen. I still have a few touchups to do but I am thrilled with the outcome. This makeover was pretty inexpensive, all things considered; besides the paint color, the only other new item in the photo is the window treatment. (Pssst, wanna know a secret? The window treatment is actually three napkins out of a set of four that I bought at TJ Maxx for $5.99! I folded them in half and tacked them to the window sill. Easy peasy.)

Another money saver was spray painting my gold towel bars, toilet paper holder and cabinet pulls. I spent a whopping $5.77 on a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint and–voila!–new hardware! I also found a new trashcan (also at TJ Maxx today, for $5.99) that’s finished in the same oil rubbed bronze.

The only thing left is artwork for the walls. I looked around at a few stores today after church but nothing appealed to me, so I went online to Etsy (where way too much appealed to me). After playing around on Etsy for nearly an hour, I ended up ordering this skyline of my favorite city, Nashville, to add a great punch of color:


There’s still another wall that needs some artwork. I’m leaning towards having one of my photos from another favorite place, the beach, blown up and framed. An inexpensive solution while adding a personal touch.

The process of painting can be such a hassle, but since the results turned out so well I’m almost tempted to tackle another room. Notice I said almost… For now, I’ve put the paint brush away and plan to relax the rest of my holiday weekend.

How about you–do you have any makeover plans or have you recently given a room a facelift?


3 thoughts on “Weekend Makeover

  1. I love the window treatment and would have never guessed they were napkins! Love the color. If you would like to spend some more weekends painting, feel free to visit me! : )


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