When Good Intentions Take a Vacation

Today I leave for my much-anticipated beach vacation–hooray! I had every intention of wrapping up the latest issue of our quarterly magazine at work and getting it to the printer before taking time off, and I came this close to having it done. It wasn’t required to be done on my timeframe–I should be able to wrap everything up next week when I return–but I really wanted all my projects to be tied up in neat little bows before I left so that I could relax on vacation without worry about when said projects would get done.

But a couple of days ago, when I realized that I was going to have to put the magazine and other projects on pause for a few days for my vacation, I decided to stop stressing over it and accept that it’s okay to not have everything crossed off my to-do list before leaving. Even if I’d been able to get the magazine done as I’d hoped, there would be a thousand other projects demanding my attention. There’s always something to be done. And if I wait until the perfect time when I have absolutely no projects on my plate to take a few days off, well, I may be waiting til 2023.

With the stress of trying to meet my self-imposed deadlines and knowing that I’ll have to hit the ground running when I return to get ready for our fall conference in November, I think this vacation is coming at just the right time. I need a few days of sleeping in without setting an alarm, reading books and magazines that have nothing to do with work, laying by the pool, walking on the beach and sitting on the condo balcony sipping coffee. And I’m going to do my best to put work far, far out of my mind until I return…


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