On My Nightstand: September 2014 Edition

d-221 books

Talk about getting this in under the wire! Here’s a peek at what I’ve been reading the past month or so, what I’m currently devouring, and what’s up next on my reading list.


• Never Ever Give Up by Erik Rees: The incredibly sad, incredibly inspiring story of 11 year-old Jessie Rees’ battle with terminal cancer. You can read my review here. And don’t forget the kleenex if you choose to read the book.

The Accident by Chris Pavone: The follow-up to The Expats, which I raved about in my last “On My Nightstand” post. Like its predecessor, The Accident is a spy thriller with some crossover characters from the first novel. It was fairly entertaining, but I liked The Expats much more. Since I checked it out from the library at least I’m not out any money for it.

Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs: As I said in my recent review, I had high hopes for this book but it was, in my opinion, just so-so.

The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith: I. Loved. This. Book! Far more than just a book about home decorating, this one encourages you to love where you live now rather than wishing you lived in a bigger/newer/better home. I plan to write a more extensive review of the book and what it taught me in the near future.

The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekannen: Another free-to-me book, this time courtesy of Paperback Swap. This was the story of two very different sisters and their rivalries with each other. Thankfully, my sister and I get along pretty well, so it was a bit hard to relate to this novel, but I did find it to be a fun, breezy read that falls squarely in the “chick-lit” category. I took it to the beach with me this past weekend and finished it in a couple of days.


A Table by the Window by Hillary Manton Lodge: I started reading this book, on loan from my sis, at the beach and am nearly done with it. It’s another easy, breezy read, this time about a food critic who’s tempted to leave her job to help her brother launch a restaurant. Meanwhile, she’s dealing with a meddling family and a blossoming long-distance romance. Entertaining so far; I expect to finish it in the next day or so.

• Colliding with Destiny by Serita Jakes: Written by the daughter of pastor TD Jakes, this book takes a thorough look at the book of Ruth, which is one of my favorite Bible stories. Jakes interweaves stories of her own personal challenges while making the ancient tale of Ruth applicable to today’s woman. Look for my review of this soon.


• Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet by Sara Hagerty: This is yet another book for me to review, and I am looking forward to tackling it next.

I don’t currently have a fiction selection waiting to be read–any suggestions? Have you read any good books (fiction or non-fiction) lately?


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