Review: Stitch Fix Shipment #2

It’s always a treat to come home to a fun package waiting on my doorstep–in this case, my second Stitch Fix shipment. I first tested the personal styling service out in July (read my review of my inaugural shipment here), and decided to order a second box which I hoped would contain some items that would be appropriate for fall, assuming that fall ever arrives for good here. (After a gorgeous fall weekend, our temps have climbed back into the low 90s and the humidity has soared yet again. Sigh.)

[TIMEOUT: Not familiar with Stitch Fix? Here’s the quick lowdown:

• Go to the Stitch Fix website and sign up for an account.

• Fill out a detailed questionnaire about your personal wardrobe preferences. In addition to clothing, you can include requests for accessories such as jewelry and handbags. 

• Pay the $20 styling fee. You’ll be matched with a stylist who will handpick five items to send to you. Keep and pay for what you like (and your $20 styling fee will apply to your purchase), send back what you don’t.]

Here’s a look at what my most recent box contained (and just know that the poor lighting and picture quality do not do any of these items justice).

Stitch Fix #2

This shipment included:

1. A floral patterned pullover sweater. I wasn’t wild about the pattern, particularly the colors used in the pattern. It just wasn’t me. Verdict: RETURN

2. An orange and blue short-sleeved blouse with stud detail. I had pinned this same shirt, albeit in a different color, on my Pinterest board, and my stylist referenced that in the note she included with the shipment. However, I would have liked it more had it been long-sleeved and if it had been in different colors. I’m not wild about orange to begin with, and this Alabama fan tries to steer clear of wearing Auburn colors when possible. Verdict: RETURN

3. A French terry zip jacket in navy and white stripes. Now we’re talking! My last shipment included a French terry striped blazer that I absolutely love, so I was pleasantly surprised to see another one in this shipment. This one is a bit more casual that the previous blazer, so I’ll likely wear it more with jeans than my dressy work clothes. Like the other blazer, this jacket is incredibly comfortable. Verdict: KEEP

4. A long, gold clover necklace. I really liked this and was tempted to keep it. However, my practical side won out as I reasoned that I could likely find a comparable necklace for less money at somewhere like Versona or Charming Charlie’s. Verdict: RETURN (reluctantly)

5. A stretch burgundy and navy pencil skirt: I loved the colors and pattern on this skirt, but it was a wee bit too tight for my taste. Plus, I recently purchased a burgundy pencil skirt for fall and winter, and I really don’t need another one. Verdict: RETURN

All things considered, I’ve enjoyed both of my Stitch Fix experiences. While it would be a fun (and expensive) treat to be able to schedule a shipment every month, I will most likely stick to once a quarter. Perhaps my next one will be in January or February, when my bank account has had some time to recover from the holidays.

Interested in trying Stitch Fix for yourself? Click here to give it a try. I’ll get a $25 credit if you use the link with my referral code to sign up, and you in turn will get your own referral link.

[Note: This is an unsolicited review of Stitch Fix. I have not been compensated in any way for this post.]


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