Look at the Birds

After a wonderful weekend in Tennessee with my sis and my 13 new friends at the Renew Blog Retreat, it was time to return to work today. And I. Am. Wore. Slap. Out.

Turns out that taking three days off in the midst of getting ready for a convention might not be the best idea in the world–who knew? Actually, I was not at all surprised to come back to a long line of emails and assignments. I hit the ground running the second I walked into my office and don’t think I got to sit down for more than five minutes at a stretch until around 3:30 this afternoon.

On top of the stress of just having a lot to do, I’ve been stressing over getting one particular assignment (a video) done. Since the video will be shown at our convention, I’m on a tight deadline to get it finished. And since it involves scheduling and filming interviews with ten people (a logistical nightmare, by the way) and then editing said interviews into a cohesive final product, it’s a fairly substantial production. As if that wasn’t enough, I also have approximately a thousand (give or take) other projects to knock out before our convention, which is now just over two weeks away.

As I was saying, stress was a major character in my life today. It is so hard to turn off my brain when I come home and not think about or worry about the work that I need to do. Thankfully, God is helping me out with that. As I sat down at the computer tonight I could hear birds chirping and singing outside my window, seemingly without a care in the world. Immediately I thought of Matthew 6:26-27:


What a well-timed reminder that my worrying and fretting over work is not going to add to my life. More importantly, I can trust that the God who takes care of the birds also takes care of me and will provide everything that I need to get my work done at just the right time.

Am I the only one who’s feeling thoroughly wrung out and whose soul needed this little reminder today?


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