Weekend Links

After an incredibly fun blogging retreat last weekend and an incredibly busy workweek, I spent much of this weekend on the couch, sidelined with a nasty head cold. Thankfully it seems to be working its way out of my system rather quickly, most likely due to me getting lots of rest. Feeling under the weather is no picnic, but I’m extremely thankful that it didn’t happen while I was on the retreat or next week in the middle of our work convention.

And now, a few links for your reading and viewing pleasure:

• Besides getting to spend time with my sister, make 13 new friends, enjoy the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains, dine on some fabulous food, and explore downtown Gatlinburg, one of the highlights of the blog retreat was getting our own swag bags. I knew we were getting swag bags, but I was not expecting them to be chock full of so many cute handmade goodies! Rachel of Oh Simple Thoughts posted a great recap with pics that are far prettier than mine as well as links to all the craftspeople who donated items for the bags. Check out her write-up here

• Before you make your next donation to your local food bank, read this article in Reader’s Digest by someone who used to be homeless. It offers some insightful tips for donating food that won’t go to waste. Some of these points I’d never thought about, so I will definitely keep them in mind the next time I’m buying food items to donate. 

• Do you (like me) tend to introduce people by what they do for a living? This author has a much more thoughtful way to make introductions. 

• Ever wondered what it would be like to fly in a $23,000 airline suite? Well, me neither (I had no idea such a thing existed), but I was fascinated by this article. And wondering how anyone could go back to coach after flying in it. 

• Soup is an easy go-to food when I’m feeling under the weather. This weekend I made this rustic vegetable chickpea soup, a fairly recent discovery that has become a favorite of mine. It’s a quick and simple recipe that definitely falls into the “comfort food” category for me. Rustic-Vegetable-Chickpea-Soup

• Part of me thinks that this is an adorable DIY project, and part of me just can’t bring myself to cut up a book for it. Maybe one day I’ll come across an old, tattered book with pages missing and therefore won’t feel guilty about demolishing it. 

What have been your favorite links of late? Share them below!


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