Book Review: The Happiness of Pursuit


Stories of people who take risks to pursue their life passions are, for the most part, inspiring to me, which is why I was drawn to Chris Guillebeau’s book, The Happiness of Pursuit. Guillebeau tells his own story of a quest to visit every country in the world before the age of 35, and of the challenges and rewards that came with pursuing such a quest.

Interspersed with his advice on pursuing your life’s passions are stories from dozens of people who set about to pursue their own ambitions. Some are a bit (okay, a lot) quirky, such as moving to Japan to master karate and become a ninja or taking a vow of silence for 17 years (!). Others are a bit more tame, like the mother who decided to cook a meal from every country and a man who completed the MIT computer science curriculum in a year.

Many of the stories that Guillebeau shares involve people making some rather significant sacrifices, mainly in giving up jobs or making big moves geographically to accomplish their goals. However, he does offer some practical advice that I think is applicable regardless of how big or small your pursuits are. All in all, it was an interesting read and one I may come back to when I feel like I need a fire lit under me to get outside my comfort zone and set some lofty goals.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.


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