Dear 2015

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Dear 2015,

Welcome! Wow, are you a sight for sore eyes, all shiny and new, unwrinkled, unblemished, full of hope and promise and expectations great and small. No pressure, but I’m expecting you to be big. I’m expecting you to be exciting. I’m expecting you to be a turning point in my life. Like I said–no pressure.

I have so many ideas for you, 2015. Like quitting sugar, for instance. Or at least cutting way, way, WAY back on my sugar intake. I’m not sure I can call it full-on quits with my sweet tooth forever and ever, but we can at least take a break. It’s part of my overall re-commitment to my health and fitness. These pounds that have crept on over the past few months aren’t going to go away by themselves, after all. And I’ve got a half-marathon coming up in March that I need to start training for, so it’s time to get serious about eating right, ditching the junk and staying on top of my running.

You’re also going to be a year of writing, both in my blog and in my personal journal. My writing has been quite sporadic of late but I’m ready to dust off the keyboard and get back to writing on a regular basis. It’s good for me. And if I’m able to provide some encouragement to a reader or two along the way, that’s great, but I really need to write for me. To remind myself of all the things that God has done and is doing in my life, all the ways He’s using me, all the times He’s comforted and provided for me at just the right time. I need those reminders. 

I’ve got lots of other plans for you, too, 2015, such as taking at least one big trip this year and getting back on track with my budget and paring down my wardrobe to those items which I truly love and feel good wearing. I want to get back into a small group Bible study of some sort and spend more time fellowshipping with my friends and less time plopped in front of the TV. I want to give more money to charitable causes near and dear to my heart than ever before. I still want to be committed to excellence at my job, but when I’m away from work, I want to think about and worry about work much, much less. There is so much more to life than work, you know. 

Most of all, 2015, I want you to be a year of BIG DREAMS. And frankly, I don’t quite know what those dreams are just yet. But I do know that too often I settle for little, puny dreams, if I bother to dream at all, because those puny dreams are rather attainable and probably won’t let me down. And dreaming big can be really hard and scary and disappointing. But I’m pretty sure that God has much more in store for me than I’ve been willing to let myself dream of, and it’s time I started expanding my boundaries when it comes to dreaming and asking and praying. 

So here’s to us, 2015. I’m ready for you. Please don’t kick my butt. 




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