The Notecard Challenge

cardsDo you remember when it used to be fun to get mail? I’m not talking about today’s version of mail, which largely consists of bills, advertisements and the occasional periodical. I’m talking about actual letters written in pen by human hands. It may seem like ancient history, but there was indeed a time not too long ago when people largely communicated through handwritten letters.

These days, going to the mailbox and finding anything that’s not considered junk mail is somewhat of a treat, and a handwritten card or letter is truly a rarity for most of us. The advent of computers and email and texting have largely replaced our old-fashioned letter writing, and while I do appreciate the ability to instantly communicate, I also rather miss the days when letter writing was common.

I used to send handwritten notes and cards to friends on a pretty consistent basis. That’s a habit that I’m sad to admit I’ve let fall by the wayside lately, but I’m ready to pick it up again. I know from being on the receiving end just how delightful it can be to go to the mailbox and find a card or note from someone. I want to extend that joy to others more regularly, so I’m challenging myself to take up note writing again.

I challenge you, too, to join me in this. It doesn’t have to cost much. (I do love pretty stationery but don’t want to spend a fortune on it; I got the monogrammed set shown above for just a couple of dollars at a craft store.) If you don’t want to use a blank notecard, there are plenty of greeting cards available for a dollar or less at various stores. Use notebook paper if you’ve got it. The bottom line is that it doesn’t cost much more than a few cents, a stamp and a moment of your time to make someone’s day.

5 thoughts on “The Notecard Challenge

  1. I’m in, Lisa!! I too miss letter writing. And btw, thank you for the letter you sent me this week! It was such a treat and encouragement. 🙂


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