Mailbox Swap Reveal

As I recently lamented, it is a rarity these days to get actual fun mail (and by that I mean mail that doesn’t consist of bills or sales flyers). It’s always a happy day when I check my mailbox and find a magazine or a note from a friend. And getting a package in the mail? Even better!

That’s why I was excited to participate in a new blogger mailbox swap organized by Amalia of Second Breakfast. After signing up, I filled out a little profile telling a little bit more about me, my likes and dislikes, and then Amalia paired all of the bloggers up with the charge to assemble and send a small package of goodies to our partner by month’s end.

I was paired with Sara from Sara’s Organized Chaos, who I was delighted to discover is a book lover like me. She also has a wicked sense of humor which my sarcastic self totally appreciates. I had such a fun time shopping for her box; hopefully she enjoyed shopping with me as well, although given the fact that she’s got three kiddos at home (including an infant!), I suspect that her shopping excursions might have been just a little more hectic than mine.

Sara’s box arrived at my door on Saturday and I didn’t waste a second tearing into it. (Delayed gratification is not my strong suit, okay?)

box opened

When the first thing I see is chocolate, I know I’m going to love this box!

box unpackedSara did an outstanding job of selecting items for me that are right up my alley: the aforementioned chocolate (two of my absolute favorite candies), of course, plus some Crystal Lite packets (perfect for me as I am trying to drink more water every day), delightfully scented French Lavender & Honey lotion and body spray from Bath and Body Works, a pretty pearlescent pink nail polish, and a new book, On the Island, which looks like it will make a great beach read when I go on vacation next month.

I think the most impressive part of the box, however, is the set of handmade cards that she included–I can’t imagine how much time it took her to make them (um, did I mention she has a BABY to take care of??). Those will be perfect for me as I try to live up to my notecard challenge. Thank you, Sara!!

This mailbox swap was great fun to participate in; I’m not sure what I enjoyed more, shopping for Sara’s box or receiving the one she sent me. We’ll call it a draw. Be sure to check out Sara’s fantastically entertaining blog!


3 thoughts on “Mailbox Swap Reveal

  1. It was truly harder to not eat the candy than it was to make the cards. Surprisingly, Penelope is fairly tolerant if I have her strapped to me while doing squats. So I learned how to squat and make cards at the same time. Workout trend? Maybe… 😉


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