31 Days Challenge: On Prayer

31 days prayer challengeNot too long ago I {somewhat impulsively} signed up for the 31 Days Challenge, in which bloggers commit to writing about a single topic of their choosing every day during the month of October. I figured it would be a good way to get me back into writing on a more regular basis, and perhaps to pick up some new readers (as well as discover new blogs for myself) along the way.

A couple of days ago it hit me that October was upon me and I had not yet selected a topic to write about. Some weeks I struggle to come up with any topic that I think is worth writing about, so the thought of having to pick a topic and write about it every single day for a solid month is still a bit daunting. Several potential topics ran through my head, and I was leaning toward a particular one and decided to pray about it. After praying, I sensed God nudging me toward a different topic altogether: prayer!

Prayer is a topic that I’ve actually written about many times before, and one that is near and dear to my heart, but my prayer life is very much a work in progress, with some days really solid and other days practically non-existent. This writing challenge will give me a chance to dig deeper into God’s Word to read what it says about prayer, to cultivate a more regular and more meaningful prayer time, to study prayers from Biblical characters and other faithful figures, and to share all of this with you. Whether you have never uttered a prayer of your own before, have a fledgling prayer life, or have a rock-solid prayer life, I hope that this journey into prayer over the next month will be as encouraging to you as it will certainly be to me.

Day 1: 31 Days Challenge Introduction

Day 2: Where to Go When You Don’t Know What to Pray

Day 3: Daily Bread

Day 4: Where Do You Pray?

Day 5: Monday Meditation

Day 6: Not My Will

Day 7: Freedom to Work

Day 8: Why You Should Ask for Wisdom

Day 9: The God of the Ax Head

Day 10: Praying Over the News

Day 11: Keeping Silent

Day 12: Monday Meditation

Day 13: Asking for Prayers

Day 14: Praying Through Songs

Day 15: Thankful for a Change in Seasons

Day 16: Praying on the Spot

Day 17: When You Want to Fix the World [Spoiler: You can’t.]

Day 18: Blessings in Disguise

Day 19: Monday Meditation

Day 20: Praying on Our Behalf

Day 21: Mood Music

Day 22: Praying for a Celebrity

Day 23: Preparing for Rain

Day 24: Praying for a Different Holiday Season

Day 25: Thankful in the Clutter

Day 26: Monday Meditation

Day 27: Praying for Peace and Rest

Day 28: It Is Well

Day 29: Timing

Day 30: A Prayer for My Mouth

Day 31: The Most Beautiful Thing about Prayer

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